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It was careless of you to lose the key. Didn't you see a dog pass through the yard? You must live up to your principles. You are wearing your socks inside out. Have you ever been to Kyushu? Where are you going to spend the vacation? You look pale. You had better lie down in bed at once. Do you plan to go abroad? You're still too young to get a driver's license. Have you ever seen a UFO? Ya va siendo hora de que te cortes el pelo. It's high time you had a haircut. Now you've come of age, you have the right to vote.

You should have come a little earlier. You must get up a little earlier. Has cometido el mismo error otra vez. You have made the very same mistake again. You haven't washed your hands yet, have you? What prevented you from coming earlier? Eres muy valiente. You are very brave.

You should make sure of the fact without hesitation. No hace falta que lo hagas de una vez. You needn't do it at once. Are you in favor of the workers getting more money?


Debes devolverle el libro. You must return the book to him.

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You ought to have seen the exhibition. Are you in favor of or against that policy? Did you watch the game? You will soon be convinced I am right.

Debes adaptarte a una variedad de condiciones. You must adapt to a variety of conditions. You should take advantage of this chance. You are deeply involved with this. Not only you but also I was involved. Siempre llevas una corbata extravagante.

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You are always wearing a loud necktie. Una vez que comiences, debes continuar. Once you begin, you must continue.

Eres un travieso. You are naughty. You're a philosopher, aren't you? I would rather you had a day off. Os admiro por vuestro coraje.

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I admire you for your courage. Admiro tu valor. I admire your courage. I admire your brave deed. I will sell the boat in accordance with your orders. Your dream will come true some day. What's your real purpose? Voy a ser su garante. I will be your guarantor.

Your dress is unsuitable for the occasion. Por favor, dale mis saludos a tu padre. Please give my regards to your father.

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Tu cabello se ve realmente descuidado. Your hair really does look untidy. Puedes venir a verme cuando te venga bien. You can come and see me whenever it's convenient for you. I forget your telephone number. Voy a seguir vuestro consejo. I'll act on your advice. Your success excites my envy. Your philosophy of life varies from mine.

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Without your help, we wouldn't be able to carry out our plan. Your income is three times larger than mine. Su reloj va diez minutos atrasado. Your watch is ten minutes slow. Where are your things? Your behavior is too extraordinary. Tu punto de vista es demasiado optimista. Your view is too optimistic. Envidio tu suerte. I envy you your luck. Tienes la libertad de viajar a cualquier lugar que te guste. You have the freedom to travel wherever you like.

Your remark amounts almost to insult.